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UFC Fight Night 22 Results - Jim Miller Beats Gleison Tibau by Unanimous Decision

Photo by Tracy Lee via <a href="">Yahoo! Sports</a>.
Photo by Tracy Lee via Yahoo! Sports.

Tough back and forth fight between two game opponents. The first round saw Miller throw plenty of kicks that got caught by Tibau and used to knock him down. A short punch early rocked Tibau and stumbled him but he managed to recover quickly. Using underhooks he even took Miller down before a quick stand up. Multiple reversals against the cage. Tibau caught Miller with a big counter but Miller shook it off. A tough round to score that really could have gone either way.

The early part of round 2 is when Miller landed his biggest shot that really caught Tibau. He rushed in to finish and looked for Tibau's neck, much like Cole Miller did in the fight before this, but Gleison was able to recover. Afterwards, Miller made the mistake of working for a single and allowing Tibau to recover even further. Tibau reversed him against the cage yet again before a separation. Shortly after, Tibau landed yet another takedown but let Miller stand up after he threatened with a triangle. Miller was putting together big combinations in this round. Tibau stuffed another takedown before grabbing another one of his own but again Miller threatened a triangle and was allowed to stand back up.

The third saw more exchanging and a very close round. Both fighters were aggressive but Miller was doing much more to get in on Tibau. The wrestling was clearly an advantage for Tibau but with all of the takedowns he managed to land in this fight, he never did anything with them. Miller outboxed him in every way. Tibau tried to threaten with a kimura late in the fight but no dice. They both missed takedowns to end it and the judges did the right thing by awarding Miller the unanimous decision victory.

His only losses now in his entire career are against Frank Edgar and Gray Maynard. He deserves a big name opponent in his next fight.

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