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Kevin Nash to go unpunished by TNA management for his Twitter tirade

As always, silver tongued Kevin Nash lands on his feet.  (Wikimedia Commons)
As always, silver tongued Kevin Nash lands on his feet. (Wikimedia Commons)

TNA management's reaction to Kevin Nash's Twitter tirade against the company is a par for the course hoot.  According to the free today September 14th Observer Radio show (listen from 23:38 to 26:08 for full details), unlike Matt Hardy and his ill advised YouTube video after being "sent home" by WWE, Kevin Nash isn't in any trouble whatsover for his late night, likely drunken and high, outburst against TNA where he threatened to leave the company when his contract expires in a months time.  TNA management are assuming that he's still with the company, plans to re-sign with them, and was just blowing off steam while not in the right frame of mind and probably regrets it now.  But who knows what this master manipulator is thinking?  It's nice to see that TNA has let Kevin Nash away with murder again, just like the times where he feigned injuries to get out of doing jobs, instead of using this as an excuse to get rid of his highly overpaid, broken down, messed up ass.

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