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Josh Koscheck Gets in on the Dan Hardy Wrestling Debate

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Dan Hardy sure is causing a stir amongst MMA fans, media and fighters. Newest to weigh in on the issue is Josh Koscheck, from an interview with Maggie Hendricks at Cagewriter:

"Who's Dan Hardy? Let's be real. I don't know what they're saying, but if they want to do kickboxing, then they should go find a new profession. This is mixed martial arts. If you want to learn how to keep the fight standing and not be so boring and get taken down, then cry about getting taken down, go find a wrestling team and learn how to wrestle. Simple as that. If you don't want to get taken down and beat up, learn how to get up. Learn how to stop the takedowns."

I've given my opinion on this subject already in the article below this one but I will say it again; I couldn't agree more. If they started changing rules to cater to guys like Hardy who only want to stand and trade then you will be sliding down that slippery slope into the UFC turning into glorified kickboxing. That's not what we want out of mixed martial arts. I don't like wrestling used to stall a fight but that's rare and there are still plenty of restarts as it is. This debate will continue but hopefully the rules will remain the same.

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