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Shark Fights 13 - The Incredible Quotes of Don Frye

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Shark Fights wasn't necessarily a bad show. But you could definitely tell you weren't watching the UFC. The fights themselves will always be what draws people into the show but if promotions mess up enough in all other aspects of a broadcast, fans won't want to come back. Shark Fights did an overall decent job with what it had to work with but the true gems of the night came from the mouth of Don Frye. Matt Erickson over at MMA Fighting made a top 20 list of the various awesome quotes to come out of Frye's mouth. Here is 20 through 6 and if you want to see the top 5, head over to MMA Fighting for the rest.

20. To Rutten: "I know you love me, dontcha sweetheart?"

19. On Danillo Villefort: "How old is that boy?"

18. When Kruck mistakenly called Frye "Bas": "No, I'm Don. Bas is the ugly guy with no hair."

17. On Johnny Rees Rees and Paul Bradley both wearing red trunks: "I'll take the white guy in the red shorts."

16. On the staredown between Rees and Bradley: "Like a couple of tribal Vikings out there. Blond hair, blue eyes ..."

15. To Kruck and Rutten at the end of the night: "Great to be here with you ladies."

14. On referee Kerry Hatley stepping in front of the camera angle: "Get Kerry's ass out of the way and we can see the fight."

13. On the difficulty of finding an MMA fight in France: "I didn't know France was ever in a fight. ... I heard Italy just declared war on Spain, and France surrendered."

12. On Alexander after he survived a barrage from Sokoudjou in Round 1: "He's still a little wobbly on his feet, ya know? Either that or he's got good rhythm."

11. On Bradley: "He's built like a brick s**thouse, ain't he?"

10. On something we're still trying to figure out: "Skin like a mule's ass."

9. On Brock Larson's unanimous decision loss and Frye's continued theory he may have been ill: "I'd like to hear if something was wrong with him tomorrow (instead of right after the fight). You don't want the Tito Ortiz list of excuses here. No one respects that."

8. On a promo spot for a charity for U.S. troops on the ninth anniversary of 9/11: "Get out your wallets, ya cheap bastards, and give 'em some money."

7. After the fights, while straight man/babysitter Kruck was still on his way back to the broadcast table from a post-fight interview with Trevor Prangley: "That was like two hours of rough, hard sex. I need a cigarette and a tequila now."

6. On Keith Jardine's stance: "He's so awkward. He's like a rabid octopus. He looks like he's about to fall over at any time." Fortunately, Kruck didn't point out to him that an octopus, as a cold-blooded animal, cannot get rabies.

That's quality stuff, right there. Again head over to the main article for the top 5. It's worth it.

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