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Wade Barrett Compares the Nexus to D-Generation X

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From SLAM! Wrestling comes an interview with the leader of Nexus that covers such subjects as how he got his start with WWE, how nervous he was at Summerslam and why Nexus decided to invade Raw. An excerpt:

"We decided we weren't happy with the way we treated on NXT," he says. "We were made to do some ridiculous tasks. What we did by forming The Nexus was our reaction to the way we had been treated. And ultimately, it worked out very well for us."

Does he expect The Nexus to ever be cheered by fans?

"At one time, everybody hated D-Generation X and booed them. But then, later, the fans loved DX. I've never gone out and courted favours. I've never gone out to be booed, either. It's just me being myself. I can see people in The Nexus getting cheered. It's difficult not to like Justin Gabriel when you see him in the ring. He's one of those guys like an Evan Bourne or a Rey Mysterio, a high flyer. Maybe fans will like half of the guys and hate the other half. But at the moment, the fans don't like us too much."

The way he brought up DX made me think of something. Super groups all got over with a few things going for them. A good angle to bring them in with, members that separate themselves and create fan allegiance to them and championships. Not having those means the group will fail. So far, the Nexus only fall under one of the criteria. I'm hoping they'll put the title on Barrett at Night of Champions to help legitimize the group. Their big problem though, is that not a single one of them is getting over individually and separating themselves within the stable. I don't mean causing dissension within the group; I mean making themselves stand out.

Think about the nWo or DX or the Four Horsemen. When you had groups like that there were always certain guys that different fans got behind. With the nWo, I loved Hall and Nash, especially Hall, and wasn't much of a fan of Hogan. In DX, HBK was the man and when they turned it into the bigger group, I marked out for Road Dogg's schtick. The issue I have with the Nexus is that none of them stand out to me and make me feel like I can get behind any one guy more than the others. Which is a recipe for disaster. If they only work as a group, that means when they branch out, and it's inevitable that they will, they will meet the same fate as the Spirit Squad. I really don't want that to happen.

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