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Rashad Evans Talks May 2011 Fight with Light Heavyweight Champion Shogun Rua

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From MMA Valor and via MMA Mania come a few words from number one contender Rashad Evans:

"I don’t think there is really going to be anything easy when it comes to this fight. I think that he has found his rhythm. When he first got to the UFC he kind of struggled a little bit, had his though fights where he was trying to find his rhythm, but now he has found his rhythm and kind of reinvented himself and now it’s looking like the I’ll definitely have my hands full any way I decide to take this fight. I think I just have to go right at him. I think I can’t try to move around too much or try to get away from him because he will find me, because he is a very aggressive striker. So, I can be aggressive too ... I think there’s a possibility for me to knock him out, I mean that is what I hope to do. That would be my aim to try to knock him out, but you know if I catch him or something it would probably be off his aggression. I’ll see if I can capitalize on him coming in. I think for advantages and disadvantages it’s really hard to say, because styles make fights and having so much time off I don’t really know the kind of Rua I’m going to go against when I meet him and he doesn’t know who he’s going to go against. So, what the perceived advantages of me right now are, are not necessarily what they are going to be when I meet him in May."

Of the many fights that have been scheduled for the upcoming winter months, I'm most looking forward to this fight next spring. After the hate Rashad was subjected to due to his smart gameplan against Rampage Jackson, I'm ready for him to win the title. And I do believe he will win the belt. Shogun is going to have a big problem keeping himself upright in this fight. Coming off the knee injury and having been out for so long, I can't imagine his cardio being able to withstand Evans constantly shooting on him over 5 rounds. Then again, Evans hasn't exactly been the picture of perfect conditioning himself so that adds a level of intrigue. They both have the kind of power to put each other to sleep. Evans usually likes to be patient but he already knows that won't work against an overly aggressive head hunter like Shogun. I certainly am looking forward to this one. Here is an outstanding video preview to the fight.

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