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Random YouTube Find of the Moment: Terry Gordy vs Tommy Rich in a barn.

This is from a Southern Championship Wrestling (promoted by Joe Pedicino and Jerry "Crusher" Blackwell) show on January 10, 1989 in an auction barn near Atlanta.  Gordy was working for various indies and the remaining territories in between his tours of All Japan Pro Wrestling and Rich was the top heel in SCW at the time.  This was a really odd period for Rich where he was associating with a bunch of sketchy-looking bikers (including the emaciated Mr. Donnie) on and off-screen.  There are moments during the match where he appears to be in no-condition to perform, as he's unable to properly get put in both a Sharpshooter and figure four leglock at different points.  Still, it's a pretty fun match with brawling all over the barn.

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