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[UFC 117] Anderson Silva comes from behind to submit Chael Sonnen in round five in a classic

Never sell Anderson Silva short.

Chael Sonnen dominated him for the better part of five rounds (including at least one 10-8 round).  Silva took more punishment than he's taken in all of his UFC fights combined.  Every time Silva looked like he was making a comeback, Sonnen neutralized him.  All Sonnen had to do was not lose.

And he lost.

With about 2 minutes left, Silva slipped on a triangle choke.  Sonnen tried his best to shift around to take the pressure off, but he tapped out.  Josh Rosenthal, the dullard that he is, didn't see the tap at first, and so far it's not clear what happened before he separated them, but he called the fight after seeing the replay.  It sure seemed like Sonnen denied tapping, though.  The two fighters embraced after the fight and Silva gave Sonnen his props.

A great, great fight that will go down as one of, if not THE greatest in UFC history.

Update: Dave Meltzer from the press row vantage point says:

Sonnen halfway tapped, and then tried to keep going.  Silva got mad and didn’t want to release the hold but they finally broke them up.  This isn't the first, or second time this has happened with that team.

This just in: Certain people are claiming that a Hispanic guy who looks nothing like Chael Sonnen was actually the guy who tapped out.

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