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UFC 117: Silva vs Sonnen Weigh-In Video

It's almost time to finally get this thing going. If this video of the weigh-ins today doesn't get your blood pumping for this fight then you're a zombie. You can really tell how hard Sonnen is trying to make this cool with the whole, "this is the pre show for his retirement party," crap but Silva steals the show. A lot of media members reported that the crowd was essentially split down the middle in regards to who they cheered for but it sure sounded to me like Sonnen got a ton of boos and Silva got a ton of cheers. Heel vs face is in full effect.

Tomorrow I'll be writing up my predictions for the show but suffice it to say that I'm pretty firmly in the camp of the majority here. Sonnen has been trying to convince not just us but himself that he can win. Tomorrow night we'll finally find out if he can back it all up.

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