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Mickie James Talks WWE Release and Possibly Working for TNA

Images_mediumMickie James recently did an interview with Fanhouse where they discussed many things, such as her release from the WWE, her music career and the possibility of her going to TNA. I always felt like James was one of the more talented women in wrestling and I hate the fact that the WWE is so cutthroat with how they do business. As good as she is, they should have been able to find a way to keep her on. I would rather watch her perform then some of the other women who just so happen to be well connected in the back.

How she feels about her WWE release:

"It definitely was heartbreaking and it was out of the blue for me. It totally blindsided me and I didn't see it coming. But, you know, hindsight is 20-20. Perhaps if I wasn't so passionate … I don't know, it's one of those things that I think I would've never cut out on my own because I did love my job and I loved WWE and I loved my fans so much that I would've given anything. And I intended to be able to do both, to still wrestle 250 days out of the year and, in the meantime, if we're in Savannah, Georgia, do the show that night and then maybe go to a bar and even if it's like a little acoustic set, do a mini-acoustic set afterward and then hit the radio stations the next morning … I had this whole plan. So it kind of totally hit me out of left field, but maybe it was a blessing in disguise because now I can really concentrate on the music, and kind of cherry-pick when I'm gonna wrestle and what I'm gonna do and rebuild my plan of what I want to do and where I want to go."

Followed up by the possibility, if any, of her going to work for TNA:

"Well certainly I've entertained the thought and it's one of those things … there has to be this beautiful marriage between the two. Obviously my music right now is in the forefront, and if there's a way to be able to do it and still … you know, because TNA's schedule is certainly less demanding, maybe what, 100 dates out of the year? Obviously it would give me a lot more time, but it would also give me that platform to be able to be there for my wrestling fans and hope that they would support me with my music."

I'd love to see her in TNA. The women get a lot more respect in terms of in-ring ability then in the WWE. We all remember all the talk of the issues with Mickie being too "fat" for the divas. Which is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard in my life. She is really good at what she does and that should mean more than backstage politics. Of course, we all know it doesn't.

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