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UFC 119: Mir vs Cro Cop Trailer

Here we have the promo that will air on TV for the next month in the lead up to UFC 119: Mir vs Cro Cop. Originally slated to be Mir vs Nogueira, the main event changed after Big Nog suffered an injury in training. A lot of fans online have applauded this change and believe we'll be getting a better match up. I don't agree. Nogueira would have been much more competitive with Mir. People have been sleeping on Mir since he lost to Lesnar and Carwin but he's one of the most dangerous Heavyweights in the UFC. He should run through Cro Cop.

As far as the trailer goes, it's the usual UFC production. It's getting a little better though. They are at a disadvantage because they only get around 30 seconds to make the most of it. Sometimes they nail it but for the most part they leave much to be desired. Many fans have taken to making trailers for bigger main event fights and of them NickTheFace has got to be the best. Below is his video preview of Mir vs Cro Cop. Take it in, in all it's glory.

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