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UFC 118 Results - Nate Diaz Chokes Out Marcus Davis

Photo by Tracy Lee via <a href="">Cage Writer</a>
Photo by Tracy Lee via Cage Writer

Going into this fight the fans were again solidly behind Marcus Davis and booing Nate Diaz. For the majority of the fight both guys were standing in the pocket and trading with each other. Just as suspected, Davis was having quite a bit of trouble making his way inside. Diaz was doing what he does and using his reach to pepper him with shots. In round one, Diaz was doing some taunting and got rocked in the early going but Davis couldn't finish him. A "Diaz sucks" chant broke out while they exchanged and Diaz just seemed to feed off of it. He shot for a single leg but Davis avoided. Coming out you could see that Davis was cut and bleeding heavy. Tough round to score and an even fight to start.

They hold up the start of the second round to have the doctor look at the cut on Davis' eye. It wasn't bad enough to stop it but it definitely affected his performance. Round 2 saw a lot of the same action that round 1 had except Davis looked beat up while Diaz stayed steady with the pressure. It didn't look like a lot of damage was being dealt by either fighter but by the end of the round you could really see how beat up Davis was.

Nate was all confidence going into the third with his hands up like he had already won the fight. Yves Lavigne went over and told Marcus to make sure to protect his eye for the remainder of the fight. Rogan made the observation that he felt like it was odd and didn't know if he had ever seen that before. I also thought it was weird but I suppose there is no harm in it. That's what Davis was going to do anyway. He had a bad mouse forming right there too. He could barely see out of it and it showed. Diaz stuck to the gameplan but worked in a takedown and a tired Davis allowed him to lock on a guillotine and instead of tapping, Davis went to sleep.

Impressive performance from Nate Diaz but he tells Rogan that he wants to go back down to 155. He always looked so gaunt at that weight and he's even said that the cut is hard on him. We'll see what happens. Hard to tell but it almost sounded like he was calling out Gray Maynard too.

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