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UFC 118 Results - Joe Lauzon Obliterates Gabe Reudigar

Photo by Tracy Lee via <a href="">Cagewriter</a>
Photo by Tracy Lee via Cagewriter

Joe Lauzon just put on one of the most dominating performances I've seen in the Octagon in quite a while. He came out fast right from the get go and Reudigar never stood a chance. After an early exchange that saw Lauzon land a right hand they clinched and Lauzon landed a big takedown. Right after he got side control and then before you know it he had his back. He was totally tooling Gabe in this fight. Reudigar had no answer for anything J-Lau was doing. After rolling and ending up on top Lauzon started landing huge elbows and worked into side control again. He was hitting big uppercuts while he was on Reudigars back. Suddenly he had his arm and it didn't take long for Gabe to tap to give Lauzon the win.

Truly an outstanding performance from the hometown boy who had the crowd heavily in his corner. After the knee injury that had him sidelined for a long time, Lauzon has to feel good about the performance he just put in and this puts the Lightweight division on notice that he is back in a big way. In the post fight interview with Joe Rogan he said that he wanted to take Reudigar's heart before he took his arm and that's exactly what he did. What a way to end the Spike prelims and head into the first fight of the PPV.

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