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UFC 118 Results - Nik Lentz Scores a Decision Win Over Andre Winner

Photo by Tracy Lee via <a href="">Cagewriter</a>
Photo by Tracy Lee via Cagewriter

The crowd did not like the way this fight played out over 3 rounds. Nik Lentz had a clear game plan to avoid standing and trading with Winner but using his strikes to close the distance and clinch with Winner. He was constantly working for a single leg throughout the fight and scored a few takedowns. Winner did well to score a few shots when they were up against the cage but every time he managed to reverse Lentz he did nothing with it.

Almost the entire fight was contested against the cage with Lentz working the single leg and Winner struggling to get underhooks so he could create separation. Only in the third round was Winner able to throw a few kicks and a combination before Lentz commenced shooting in and working for the takedown. He finally managed to complete a takedown and keep Winner down in the third but by then he was too tired to do anything once it got there. He did just enough to avoid a stand up from referee Josh Rosenthal and picked up the decision victory.

Up next is the hometown kid Joe Lauzon against Gabe Reudigar.

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