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Vitor Belfor vs Yushin Okami will main event UFC 122 in Germany

The Phenom will finally make his return after a layoff of over a year.
The Phenom will finally make his return after a layoff of over a year.

Loos like the opponent that Vitor Belfort was referring to on his Twitter is Yushin Okami. F4wonline broke the story. There's really nothing to be surprised about here. Of all the available guys at 185, only two of them made sense as far as a fight with Vitor goes. One was the guy who got the call in Okami and the other would be Chris Leben. I would have loved a fight between Belfort and Leben but this is the next best thing.

Okami presents the exact style of fighting that has given Vitor trouble in the past so that makes this an intriguing bit of matchmaking. It's been clear that Dana and company have wanted to push Vitor into a title shot against Silva ever since he came back into the UFC. A fight with Leben would have fit much better for Belfort's style, whereas this fight presents a strong possibility that we could see 3 rounds of Okami dominating position. I guess we'll see if Belfort can finally adapt to a style not of his own. If he can't then he never deserved the title shot in the first place.

I also like it that Okami is finally getting some love here by being placed in the main event. The rumor is that this will be yet another free on Spike TV card and is potentially the "make up" card that Dana talked about after the debacle that was UFC 112. That means we'll get two free cards within a month of each other and although they are short on star power, both UFC 120 and now UFC 122 have some very interesting matchups.

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