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[UFC 118] YouTube takes us back to 1976, lets us watch Muhammad Ali vs Antonio Inoki with all of the buildup

With the new biggest boxer vs wrestler/boxer in MMA fight ever coming up tonight in James Toney vs Randy Couture, let's take a look at the previous holder of that crown: Muhammad Ali vs Antonio Inoki in 1976.  Originally scheduled to be a traditional worked wrestling match with Inoki winning (Ali would show mercy when the referee check Inoki's cut, only to be hit by an enzuigiri while he had his back turned), Ali panicked and it became a shoot where the rules handcuffed Inoki into lying on his back and throwing leg kicks for 15 rounds.  After the jump, you can check out the build-up done on American wrestling shows and in the mainstream media, followed by the fight itself, with the option of watching much of the fight with English commentary or the whole fight with Japanese commentary.

Ali vs "Sodbuster" Kenny Jay:

Ali confronts Gorilla Monsoon:

Ali & Fred Blassie promote the Inoki fight on The Tonight Show (w/ guest host McLean Stevenson):

Ali-Inoki press conference:

Most of the fight itself, with English commentary:

The whole fight with Japanese commentary:

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