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UFC 118: Franke Edgar vs. BJ Penn - The Funbits


Even though I am on vacation, I couldn't help myself from doing a funbits column before UFC 118.  So without further ado, here are some outlandish predictions and other funbits before the next UFC event kicks off tomorrow night.

Fight of the Night: Marcus Davis vs. Nate Diaz.  Like his older brother, Nate lacks knockout power but is tough as hell.  Since I don't think he can knock Davis out and I am not sure a Diaz can be knocked out, I figure this is going to be a three round war that is going to bring back memories of the East Coast vs. West Coast hip-hop battles of the 90's. 

Knockout of the Night: James Toney.  I don't even think he is going to win, but I am still picking him.  Why? Two reasons, 1) I am hedging my bets in case below happens and 2) because Toney is going to spend his UFC debut on his back and he claims, "I can knock out from my back. I do have that kind of power."

Submission of the Night: Demian Maia.  Even though Maia has stated he wants to show off more of his newly found striking ability (not sure where he found it because he never had it), I still don't think he can help himself from cranking one of Miranda's limbs or neck if he has the chance. 

Non Combat Related Story of the Night: Boston.  God help my fellow Bostonians if they do not blow the roof off the Garden tomorrow.  I am already embarrassed that UFC 118 isn't sold out and if they don't prove that Boston has the best sports fans in the world, I am going to have seriously consider finding a new hometown (probably not though).  Also, if you are going to UFC 118 tomorrow night and see the Boston Herald's Ron Borges, kick him in the shin hard. Real hard.  And if you are not close enough to kick him, start a "Borges plagiaries" chant.

More funbits and predictions after the jump...

Fighter in danger of getting cut: Dan Miller.  So, Miller has lost three fights in a row and hasn't got cut by the UFC yet. Strange.  I doubt he will survive the pink slip party if he makes it four in a row Saturday night.  Dude needs a win in a real bad way.

Hot UFC Prospect: Amilcar Alves.  The 11-1 Brazilian is making his UFC debut this weekend and is going to have his hands full with Mike Pierce.  Alves has never faced a wrestler like Pierce before so this hot prospect could turn cold after one fight. Sidenote to my fellow Bostonians: please do not start a U-S-A chant during this fight or during any other fight where it is an American vs. Foreigner.  Our accents make us sound dumb enough.

Most Interesting Match Up in Terms of Style:  Kenny Florian vs. Gray Maynard.  Style-wise, you know what you are going to get with Maynard.  He has an excellent wrestling base and uses it frequently to grind out his opponents en route to a decision victory  (7 of his 9 wins are by judges decision).  What we don't know is what we are going to see from KenFlo.  Since we first saw Florian on season one of The Ultimate Fighter, he has constantly evolved after every fighter, win or lose.  Lately, we have seen a Kenny Florian that has really improved his boxing and worked diligently on his wrestling.  Come Saturday night, we are going to see if all that work Florian has put in with St-Pierre and Company has really paid off because he is either going to spend the fight standing up or on his back. 

Don't blink fight: Frankie Edgar vs. BJ Penn.  Angry, motivated BJ Penn is back (and with no sinus infection) which is a scary, scary thing especially if you have to be the next person to face him.  I really like Edgar and think he is a great fighter, but I think the clock may have struck midnight for Cinderella.

Do you think I am off with any of my picks?  Let me know below.

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