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Post Raw Thoughts


Raw was pre-taped and I posted spoilers earlier in the week. I was wondering, based on said spoilers, if the show would be any good. The written word in regards to the show did not make it seem like it would be much worth the time but I actually enjoyed the night. A few thoughts on a few things that happened.

  • I like the six pack challenge idea and the way they carried the show with it. It made sense to work things around the WWE championship after totally and completely focusing on the Nexus angle for so long. The WWE title needed the love and it got it big time. Didn't care for DiBiase and Morrison having to job to Orton like that but it had to be done.
  • Loved the sequence to end the show. They get all 6 guys participating in the six pack challenge in the ring and they all beat down Barrett. After Sheamus tosses him out of the ring Jericho gives him a codebreaker. He's out. Edge gives Jericho a spear and he's out. Cena comes in and gives Edge an Attitude Adjustment and he's gone. Then Orton finishes the whole thing by giving Cena an RKO. What made it especially gratifying was seeing Cena be the last one laid out instead of the one standing tall like he usually is.
  • Noticed something in the line of finishers we saw at the end of the show there. Of them all, the weakest and most useless one has got to be the spear that Edge uses. He is not the kind of wrestler who can use a move like that. He never generates enough speed and power to make it look impressive enough that it can be used as a finisher. Goldberg made it famous by making it look so damn nasty when he did it; and he didn't even use it as his finisher! It only works with perfect timing and the right guy taking it. Edge needs something that fits him and the spear is not it.
  • Of all the comedy jobbers the WWE has had in it's history I'm fast approaching naming my new favorite to be Santino Marella. Everything he does cracks me up. I wish they could devote more time for him to be on the mic. By the way, how far has Kozlov fallen? He makes it work though.
  • I can't say it enough. This mystery GM with the not so random e-mails that Michael "I try way too hard" Cole gets up and reads is just stupid. What really kills me about this is I could see the WWE not ever paying the angle off and never revealing who the mystery GM is because they can't find a way to make a storyline about it make sense. That wouldn't be the first or last time for that to happen.
  • I can't tell if they are trying to keep the Miz hot or if they just want to toy with him. If they keep making him look like shit then it won't matter what they do. Which reminds me. John Cena hasn't grown as a worker since he became champion back in 2005. He's literally doing the exact same moveset. It's horrible. He never puts guys over because he can't have the kind of match where he can win and still get the guy over. He just doesn't have the wrestling acumen.
  • They made Barrett look bad in getting beat up and tossed out at the end of the show but I'm very happy he's involved in the main event of Night of Champions. I can't see them putting the belt on him but that would seriously make the Nexus a supergroup. All the major factions of the past have held the gold at some point and this would be a great time to put it on him. This six pack challenge and the inclusion of Barrett has got me really looking forward to Night of Champions.

Much better show then the written word could convey. I like the direction they're going and can't wait to see how they write the Sheffield injury into the storyline, if they do. See you next week.

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