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Ted DiBiase Admits to Steroid Usage


Ted DiBiase recently did an interview with The Courier in the UK in which he discussed his life in the wrestling business. He talks a lot about God and family, including his son Ted DiBiase Jr. One thing that he touched on was that he wanted to finally admit to steroid usage. Here is what he had to say:

"I took steroids (during my WWF career) for a very short time. It should be obvious by looking at me that I didn't take them regularly because I was in good shape, but I was never massive. My strength was my ability to talk and my work in the ring. I always looked like an athlete but I didn't look like Charles Atlas.

"The thing about the steroids was I was always afraid of them and I finally had a doctor tell me about the effects and that warned me right off them - that was it for me with that stuff. The only other drug I took for a while was cocaine. Now this doesn't sound like the Million Dollar Man, but I stopped doing that because I was cheap - I didn't want to spend the money on it!"

This should happen way more often. The only way to get it out of the conscious of the media and fans alike is to binge and purge. Expose the belly of the beast and let's just see it for what it is. He makes a great point about the fact that his steroid usage did nothing for his career. He looked pretty normal and that was fine because he was a genius on the stick and he could work better than many of the top guys at the time.

I was always a big Ted DiBiase fan and still believe that his Million Dollar Man gimmick and the way he played that character is one of if not thee best there ever was. I loved it when he was doing the whole schtick of calling members of the audience to do a seemingly mundane task for large amounts of money only for DiBiase to find a way to screw them over and keep them from completing said task. Here is a video of one such instance.

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