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Strikeforce: Houston Results - Feijao Cavalcante Stops King Mo Lawal to Win the Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Title


Another upset tonight, this one in the main event of the evening. Feijao came out strong with a combination but Mo made him chase and he never landed. Lawal turned the tables and came in with punches and nearly turned it into a takedown but the cage aided Feijao in staying on his feet. Mo decides to pick him up and gets a big slam but Cavalcante got right back to his feet. After the reset Lawal was doing a great job avoided Feijao's punches. He manages to land a knee but Mo shrugged it off before clowning a bit to end the round. Mo looked good early.

Round two and Gus Johnson tells us that we can tell who King Mo is because he's darker. Come on, Gus. Lawal avoids a bomb from Cavalcante but Feijao lands a head kick that Mo turns into a takedown. Again, he can't keep him down and they go back to standing. Vicious shots to the body were landing well for Mo and he was completely dictating where the fight took place at this point. They ended the round with Mo grabbing for a single and kneeing Feijao against the cage. After two round it was all King Mo. That would change big time in round three.

Shortly after the round started Feijao landed a big right hand and Mo was hurt badly. Cavalcante then landed a few knees and Mo was dropped and almost completely out at this point. Somehow he was able to grab onto one of Feijao's legs but just like Chad Griggs did to Bobby Lashley, Cavalcante just started throwing elbows big time into the side of Lawal's head and Big John was forced to step in and stop the fight. Feijao was awarded the TKO victory and is the new Strikeforce Light Heavyweight champion.

It was a good fight that Mo looked great in until that third round. Feijao has a ton of power and with his victory I can see Strikeforce plugging Dan Henderson in against him for his first defense. I know there was talk of Hendo fighting Sobral but don't be surprised if that fight gets skipped for this one. Overall, it was a good showing from both guys and Mo will come back strong. He had a great attitude in the post fight interview and we hope to see him back strong.

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