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Strikeforce: Houston Results - Jacare Souza Beats Tim Kennedy for the Middleweight Championship


In a fight between two grapplers we ended up getting a five round boxing match. Jacare was the aggressor in the opening stanza and he looked very smooth on his feet. Frank Shamrock made note of the fact that Kennedy was holding his head too high while Souza was in tight and keeping his chin low. It was a tough round to score as neither guy was getting off too well with his punches. Jacare slipped near the end allowing Kennedy to score a bit against the cage and that made it even more difficult to score.

Kennedy came out strong in the second and after pawing at each other he went for an ill advised flying knee. After slipping he got right back to his feet they went right back to exchanging. No one was taking control of the fight but Jacare was doing well with his counter-striking. Souza finally attempted a takedown but Kennedy was not going to let it happen. Despite the failed attempt, Jacare had taken the first two rounds.

The third saw much of the same as the first two rounds. Kennedy finally managed to get a takedown with about two minutes left. Jacare showed how great he is in his jiu-jitsu by going for Kennedy's arm and using it to scramble back to his feet. It was a close round that probably was scored for Kennedy due to the takedown but Souza was still much in control. Jacare answered all questions regarding his cardio by being totally fresh going into the fourth round. Souza got kicked in the jewels in this round that led to an extended break but again it was Jacare controlling the stand up game.

The final round saw Kennedy out fast but Souza was just too good in his head movement. Kennedy was finally landing some punches but he wasn't doing enough damage. After shooting for a takedown and getting stuffed, Kennedy ate a hard right from Souza that re-opened a cut on his eye. Jacare put the pressure on to end the fight and seal the deal. He's the new Middleweight champion and he did it without using his greatest skill. I'm looking forward to seeing him again.

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