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Strikeforce: Houston Results - Chad Griggs Upsets Bobby Lashley


Wow. The whole thing was going according to plan for Bobby Lashley. The first round started great as Lashley had a takedown within the first 10 seconds. He spent the majority of the round trying to wear Griggs down with punches while pushing on Griggs leg to pass to mount. Griggs managed to scramble to his feet and was throwing wild while Lashley was doing what he could to secure another takedown. Eventually, he got it but did nothing before a stand up. After the stand up Lashley shot in and Griggs timed an uppercut perfectly and caught Lashley, opening a cut underneath Bobby's eye. The round ended with Lashley bleeding on top of Griggs.

Breathing heavy to start the second round, Lashley again shot for a takedown in the first 10 seconds and got himself a big slam. Griggs did very well to stay active from the bottom but this time Lashley managed to gain full mount. As soon as he did he was throwing bombs on him desperately trying to finish the fight. He couldn't quite get the stoppage though and slowed down quite a bit close to the end of the round. They stopped the fight to check the cut again and allowed the fight to continue. After the restart Lashley, who was clearly gassed, shot for a single leg and just held on while Griggs was pounding on the side of his head. After the round ended the ref looked at Lashley and he was done.

Griggs picked up the TKO victory at the end of round 2. What an upset. Lashley has a ton of holes that were exposed here. The hype train, if there ever was one, was definitely brought to a screeching halt.

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