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Bobby Lashley Talks Bautista, Chad Griggs and Coming up in MMA

Here is Lashley talking about his career in MMA. At one point Helwani asks him what he wants out of MMA and Lashley says he wants to be a lifer. Listening to him talk, you can tell that he's smart about fight promotion. He understands that he needs to be built up instead of just being thrown to the lions. I don't mind the way he's been coming along but he's garnered some bad PR for apparently not accepting a lot of fights offered to him. He's constantly compared to Brock Lesnar who won the UFC Heavyweight title just 4 fights into his career. Lashley, in his sixth fight, will take on Chad Griggs. Yeah.

Of course Bautista came up. He makes a decent point regarding the fight but at this point it's pretty much inevitable that these two will clash. It's just going to happen and there is no way around it. It makes sense in so many ways that it's would make no sense to not do it. If Lashley is as legit as he wants to be then he'll take care of business. I like what he said in regards to pro wrestling too. It's a good interview.

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