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For ROH, it may be Jim Cornette or bust

As saviours go, Jim Cornette is ROH's best pick (Wikimedia Commons)
As saviours go, Jim Cornette is ROH's best pick (Wikimedia Commons)

Come the autumn, Jim Cornette may be the only thing ROH has going for it.  Their roster is set to be decimated in the next few months.  Not only has their World champion Tyler Black signed with WWE, but according to Dave Meltzer in the August 16th Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Jim Ross is encouraging his employers to raid even more of ROH's top talent: 

Jim Ross has pushed WWE to scout ROH because with WWE planning on continuing the NXT show, they need a fresh supply of new faces and are more aggressive in signing than they’ve been in years.  Plus, every season of NXT they seem to want that "Internet" star who they can beat to death.

Moreover, a significant proportion of the roster has already signed with the latest money mark trying to break into the professional wrestling business, Milton Wilpon:

First off, while names are being kept quiet, much of the roster has signed with the new Sean Davis Project.

So is it any wonder in this setting that they ditched Adam Pearce as booker, who has struggled to make new stars for ROH, in favour of their company trainer Delirious, who has had success as an indy promoter running shows with talent from ROH's training school, and Jim Cornette, who had a track record in OVW of taking raw talent and producing some of the best television in the wrestling world at the time? 

Indeed, Dave Meltzer on the August 16th Wrestling Observer Radio show cited unhappiness that he didn't make any new stars as the main reason Pearce lost his job, along with business being bad and Pearce having arguments about how the business should be run with ROH business manager Syd Eick.  Maybe when Pearce was talking about the oil and the water not mixing, it was a veiled reference to him and Eick not mixing, giving that Eick was conspicuous in his absence from the long list of people Pearce thanked.

Backing Cornette is a smart decision, because he's the one person who Cary Silkin can probably rely upon to stick with the promotion through thick and thin, given that he's burnt his bridges with both WWE and TNA, and probably doesn't want the headaches of working for a know nothing money mark again.

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