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Paul Heyman Says TNA Isn't Ready for Him to Come in Yet


Bix touched on a little bit of what Paul Heyman said in his interview on the MMA Live Hour in this article. What he didn't touch on were a few of the things that Heyman said regarding his alleged interest in TNA and their confirmed interest in him.

"They're not ready for me. They're not there yet. I kind of have self-justified my own interest in TNA as a network of stock and ownership. I left pro wrestling in December 2006 and I haven't done one shoot DVD, one convention appearance, one cameo. I haven't done anything on wrestling."

He's not being entirely honest here. I know he did an interview with Dave Meltzer following UFC 116 and he discussed a lot of these subjects there. Just because he hasn't been on TV doesn't mean he hasn't been involved. He talked a lot about what he sees are the problems that TNA is currently having; mainly that they are pushing the wrong guys.

"If you were over 40, I'd chop your f-cking head off. I want a guy who is entering the prime of his career and shape him and mold him. Imagine if all they did the entire show was promote the Beer Money vs. Motor City Machineguns match and had Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan and the ECW guys saying they needed to see that match and said these guys are the future now. Then, if you put that match in the main event - as opposed to the middle of the card with no follow-up - and produce and present them as the main event. Then, if 'you buy this product, this is the progressive type of presentation we are going to present to you.' Instead, you have Hulk Hogan in his 50s thanking ECW guys in their 40s before the ECW guys are beat up by a group led by Ric Flair in his 60s."

It's really hard to disagree with him here but look at the roster that TNA currently has. A lot of those cats are over 40 or approaching it. I think if you talked to Hogan or Bischoff then they would both tell you that they are doing what Heyman is talking about. And maybe they had that intention but it's not what they are doing. They probably came in and thought that they would use their names to draw viewers to the product and the young guys would get over carrying the show but what ended up happening was they just totally hi-jacked the product. Many of the talent at TNA have discussed their displeasure with these events but what can they do? Complain loud enough and they get suspended.

Heyman presents a hope for the young guys who need to be pushed as the future but for that very reason he will never be brought on because too many of the old guard are around that want to keep their power. This angle between EV2 and Fortune has the potential to put some young guys over big if booked correctly. Problem with that is there is zero confidence in that happening. Will Heyman eventually make his way into TNA? Yes, but only if they are in a last ditch effort to save the promotion. So basically, not anytime soon. 

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