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The decision to bring Daniel Bryan back


According to the site that will not be named, or even linked to because of spyware and other issues, the decision to bring back popular wrestler Daniel Bryan was made just days before Summerslam. Backstage it was thought that he would be brought in as the 7th member of Team WWE but no one knew for sure until just a few short days before the show and even then his appearance in L.A. was kept under wraps until Summerslam was on the air.

We all hoped beyond hope that he would be the 7th man. When Miz cut that awesome, no pun intended, promo we were fairly certain he would be. Then the WWE website completely ruined the surprise by posting that he had returned before it even happened. As discussed in our Live Blog and Open Thread for Summerslam we all marked out pretty hard for his return here at Cageside. The way they booked him was brilliant too. After looking like a wrecking machine and gathering a couple eliminations, while the announcing team drooled all over him, the Miz came in and hit him with the Money in the Bank briefcase and he was eliminated directly after as a result.

What this does is set up a program with Miz. The site to not be named is also reporting that Miz and Bryan will have a match at Night of Champions for the United States title. What we can surmise from this is that Miz will likely keep the briefcase while this feud is going on and drop the title to Bryan, getting him over even more before he goes on to bigger things. I really like the decisions they've made regarding bringing Bryan back and the potential growth of his character. The way they chose to end Summerslam is a different story but we'll wait til Raw is over to address that issue. Hopefully they find a way to salvage this Nexus angle. Only Barrett is ready for a singles push so if they really plan to disband the group this early it's a horrible mistake.

After Raw tonight make sure you come here because I'm sure jlamb will have a Good, Bad and Ugly about the show and other thoughts from me.

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