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Summerslam Updates and Open Thread


  • After the opening video we get Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston. They put on a decent match but it was all about the conclusion. Nexus came out and tossed Ziggler before laying waste to Kingston. Barrett then cut a promo talking about how that's exactly what is going to happen later on in the main event.
  • A backstage segment airs that shows Chris Jericho and Edge trying to recruit the Miz to join Team WWE. 
  • We then get the Divas title match between Alicia Fox and Melina. As far as the matches go between the women this wasn't bad but nothing special. They put the belt on Melina for whatever reason. After winning LayCool came out and attacked her.
  • Big Show and SES then had their handicap match. Decent psychology save for Big Show not doing enough to sell the hand injury. In fact, he used the hurt hand for the match ending choke slam. His victory was essentially a foregone conclusion anyway. Decent match. 
  • Cheesy backstage vignette with Kane next to a casket. He says that's where Mysterio will be when he's done with him. Sheamus shows up and says that he also plans on putting Randy Orton there tonight. Kane says no way and they mean mug before Sheamus walks off. Pretty lame segment.
  • The Miz then makes his way to the ring and cuts a pretty good promo. He's still full blown heel here but the crowd responds with cheers when he says that he accepts the offer to join Team WWE. He says the WWE Universe will be thankful for him saving them from Nexus. 
  • Randy Orton and Sheamus have their match for the WWE Title. I'm disappointed with the finish but the match was very good. Sheamus went for a chair and the ref tried to take it away from him. In the process the ref got tossed out of the ring and quickly disqualified Sheamus. Orton then got pissed and gave him the RKO on the announce table. Bad end to a good match.
  • They show a promo for Cena's new movie Legendary. The WWE films that have come out as of yet have mostly been garbage but this one actually looks like it could be a decent flick. Up next is Kane and Rey Mysterio for the World Heavyweight Title.
  • I don't know if it's just me but the pre-match promos are not what they used to be. Maybe it's just the cheesy build-up to the Kane-Mysterio match. Time to find out if Taker is here.
  • Kane wheels the casket out with him and puts it next to the ring. If pretty obvious now how Taker will show up if he is indeed there.
  • Wow. Kane with a clean pin fall for the win. Nothing special regarding the match but the result is a bit of a shock. No word from Undertaker yet.
  • Yes sir, just like we thought. Kane opened the casket once to put Rey in but Mysterio fought back. Kane closed it and choke slammed him twice before giving him a tombstone. He opens it a second time and out pops Undertaker.
  • Taker acted like he was going to attack Mysterio and then took forever to get to the swerve that everyone knew was coming and turned on Kane. After grabbing each others throats, Kane ends up giving Taker a tombstone.
  • Only one match left. I can't remember the last time I was this excited to see what they end up doing.
  • It's 7 on 5 now, Team WWE is dominating this match.
  • They booked Sheffield strong against Morrison and he got the pin to make it 6-5. Sheffield then eliminates R-Truth as well. Back to even.
  • Bret Hart makes his way into the match and actually looks decent. Not as good as he used to be but Slater is doing good taking his offense. This is a pleasant surprise.
  • I wondered how they would get rid of Hart and it looks like it's by DQ. After putting Slater in a sharpshooter someone tossed a chair in. Bret used it and got DQ'd.
  • Edge comes in for the first time and spears Sheffield for the pin and we are again even at 4. Crowd is hot and this is actually a bit of fun.
  • Edge after having been in forever it seems makes the hot tag to Jericho. Holy shit. Big time moonsault from Jericho and it turns into the Walls of Jericho and Otunga taps. 4 on 3 now in favor of Team WWE.
  • Just like that Jericho is also out after getting pinned by Slater. Wow. Edge argues with Cena and Slater comes up fast and pins Edge. He is out. Now it's Cena and Bryan. Edge and Jericho attack Cena before leaving. Barrett, Slater and Gabriel are left for Nexus.
  • Cena is the whipping boy right now while they really tease Bryan making his way into the match. I cannot wait for the swerve.
  • Finally Cena gets the tag and Bryan is in there tearing it up. The announcers have done and said absolutely everything they can to get this guy over.
  • Beautiful reversal of a pin into a submission that looked like a crossface and Slater taps out. 2 on 2 again. Miz then comes in from behind and knocks out Bryan with the Money in the Bank briefcase. Barrett gets the pin on Bryan. Wow. Only Cena is left now.
  • Nexus has been destroying Cena for sometime now save for a short comeback attempt.
  • Gabriel went for the 450 splash and Cena moved. Quick pin from Cena. Barrett comes in and Cena gets the submission win. That was not at all the right way to end that match. Cena goes over again. I'm really disappointed after such a great match.
  • The show ends with Cena in the ring celebrating. I couldn't be any more unhappy with the way they just booked that finish. Why kill all the heat the Nexus has built up in one PPV? What the hell was the point of that? Such a great match too.

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