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SummerSlam 2010 Predictions

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SummerSlam is just a few hours away so it's time for some predictions from yours truly. Whether or not it is the main event remains to be seen but the most compelling match on this card has to be the seven on six (for now, at least) elimination match between The Nexus and the John Cena-led Team WWE. This match will go a long way in determining the future direction of the WWE: will Super Cena save the day yet again or will the young upstarts make the impact that they have been talking about since they first came together back in June? There is a buzz surrounding tonight's pay-per-view that has certainly been lacking in recent times. Now it is up to the WWE to capitalize on it...something easier said than done.

The card also features four title matches and a handicap match that will feature the return to in-ring action for one internet darling. Let's get to the picks!

WWE Diva's Title Match
Alicia Fox (c) vs. Melina
While I think that Melina is destined to win the Diva's Title from Alicia Fox at some point in the near future I do not foresee it happening tonight. Melina scored a clean victory over Fox this past Monday night on RAW to set this match up but I do not think that the Diva's Champ will be pinned clean twice in less than a week. I'm calling shenanigans in this match which means Melina wins via DQ and her chase for the Diva's belt will continue. That being said, I can easily see her winning it since the title means nothing in the grand scheme of things. All I am super about is that this match will be pretty awful.

Handicap Match
The Big Show vs. The Straight Edge Society (CM Punk, Joey Mercury and Luke Gallows)
In theory The Big Show should be a an extreme disadvantage after the SES damaged his ultimate equalizer: his knockout punch. In practice, however, it will not mean much as the writing seems to be on the wall here that Show will pick up the victory. I can't imagine Punk doing too much work in the ring tonight as I have a hard time believing he is 100% healthy. Joey Mercury has been a non-factor since being unmasked and will probably take the brunt of the beating tonight. Since Luke Gallows stands at 6'8" he will probably be the one get some offense of consequence in on Show but it will ultimately be for nothing as The Big Show will win via chokeslam with his non injured hand
. This could lead to some trouble in SES paradise as Luke Gallows has been given a more vocal role in the past few weeks and that could mean some tension with CM Punk. This is the one match that I really hope my prediction is wrong as I'd like to see the Society be meaningful in the WWE Universe.

Read the rest of my predictions after the jump!

WWE Intercontinental Title Match
Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Kofi Kingston
Ziggler just won the belt so I really can not see any way in which he will lose to Kofi Kingston. These two have had some nice matches with one another in recent times and I think that trend will continue, especially if they are given some extended time to work. I think that Dolph takes this match after some Vicki-ference.
Hopefully Kofi can move up from this match and possibly squeeze his way into the World Heavyweight Title picture. He is in a weird spot right now as the Intercontinental Title is below him but he's not quite ready for the big gold belt. I'm hoping he will get a chance to reignite the monster push he had going just a few months ago.

World Heavyweight Title Match
Kane (c) vs. Rey Mysterio
Will the Deadman return tonight? I certainly think so and I think his return will have a direct impact on this match. I am thinking that Kane will have this match in the bag, about to deliver a Tombstone to Mysterio and then LIGHTS OUT~! and the familiar gong. When everything is sorted out Rey Mysterio will pin Kane to REGAIN the World Heavyweight Championship
. I am kind of hoping that Kane retains as I hate seeing title belts hotshotted around but this switch will make sense as Rey can enter a program with someone he works better with like Jack Swagger or Christian while Kane and The Undertaker can build to a Hell in a Cell match at the aptly named Hell in a Cell pay-per-view scheduled for October 3. The Undertaker doesn't need a belt and Kane isn't the most believable champion so taking the title out of the equation before the feud heats up makes a lot of sense.

WWE Title Match
Sheamus (c) vs. Randy Orton
This match, as you may or may not know, has some added stipulations stating that anyone who interferes in this match will be suspended and that if Randy Orton loses he will not be able to challenge for the WWE Title again as long as Sheamus holds the belt. Two questions: 1.) Who would dare interfere in this match? Sheamus and Nexus has a truce and the only other wrestler with an interest in this match, The Miz, would do his dirty work AFTER the match, not during it. 2.) Does it make sense for the second most over wrestler in your company to NOT be able to compete for the most prestigious belt on his show? Didn't think so. That why I am thinking Randy Orton wins via RKO to become the NEW WWE Champion
. There is always the potential that Orton will win via DQ so they can extend this program until Night of Champions but I think Orton will win the belt straight away. Now the interesting dynamic is whether or not The Miz decides to cash in his briefcase. It's almost a given that he will be the first person to fail to win after cashing in the contract so tonight may just be the night that history is made.

Survivor Series Elimination Match
The Nexus (Wade Barrett, Skip Sheffield, Michael Tarver, Justin Gabriel, David Otunga, Heath Slater and Darren Young) vs. Team WWE (John Cena, John Morrison, R-Truth, Chris Jericho, Edge, Bret Hart and ???)
This is easily the most anticipated match of the evening. The seventh spot has a lot of potential candidates...smarks everywhere are hoping for the return of Daniel Bryan but the better bet is The Miz. There is also a chance that Bret Hart may not make it to the ring as he is a prime candidate to get jumped by Nexus backstage. If that is the case I wouldn't be surprised to see Evan Bourne take over for him. Heck, there is even a shot that HUNTAR THE DESTROYER OF WORLDS~! may make an appearance tonight. The most likely scenario will involve The Miz agreeing to join the team then finding a way to screw things up for Cena and company. I can see no possible way that The Nexus loses tonight as they have been a breath of fresh air for a product that has experienced some stagnation. I think that The Nexus will defeat Team WWE via swerve
 to keep this angle chugging along. I have no idea what that potential swerve will be but I have a feeling some fishy will happen. We'll find out in a few hours!

Let me know what you think will happen down in the comments section. I'll be back with another edition of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly about a half hour after the show goes off the air.

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