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This Day In Wrestling History: Hardcore Heaven '94, The Chair Throwing Incident

Today is Friday the 13th. There is no significance to this day, no matter how much Hollywood wants us to think there is. But there was an infamous event that happened on this same day; only 16 years ago. God that makes it seem like a long time although it doesn't feel that way at all. The event was ECW Hardcore Heaven '94 (the video title is inaccurate) after Public Enemy interrupted a match between Terry Funk and Cactus Jack.  The good guys ask for a chair.  You can see how that turns out.

Ahhh, the ECW of old. Can you imagine if something like that happened today? Hell, it never could. Not that I'm saying I would want it to or anything like that. It's fun to look back on it though. I absolutely love how Funk gets hit in the back of the head by a chair at the 19 second mark and sells the shit out of it. Beautiful.

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