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Poll: Should The UFC Wait Till A Fighter Is Retired Before They Are Eligible For The Hall Of Fame?


If you watched UFC 117 last weekend, you may or may not have noticed that it was Matt Hughes's first fight after being inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame. While Hughes definitely deserves the honor, it was a little strange to think that a Hall of Famer is still an active fighter and maybe even a title contender. If you look at every other major sport, athletes need to be retired for a certain amount of time before they are even eligible for their sport's respective Hall of Fame. It's understandable that the UFC is trying to build their young Hall of Fame by adding more worthy fighters, but they have an opportunity here to set a procedure and standard for many years to come. So, the question of the day is, should the UFC wait till a fighter is retired for a certain amount of time before they are eligible for the Hall of Fame?

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