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Chris Jericho on hearing about the Benoit deaths: "My gut feeling was Chris had killed them."

The spyware-spreading wrestling website that shall not be named has gotten ahold of a rough draft of Chris Jericho's 2nd book and posted some of the comments about Chris Benoit included in the first 50 pages.

Jericho on Benoit's sense of humor:

Not a giggle, not a chuckle, not a tee-hee…never went "Ha."  But when somebody threw up or fell down the stairs, he would laugh out loud for hours on end.

On being his friend:

I considered Chris to be one of my closest companions, but it wasn’t always easy to be his friend. You had to take the good with the bad when it came to his friendship.

On hearing about the deaths:

My gut feeling was Chris had killed them.

The book (which covers Jericho's WWF debut in 1999 through the night he returned to cut a promo on Randy Orton) is scheduled for release on 2/26/11 and if it's anything like the first book, it'll be a hell of a read.

Update: The site that posted the quotes has deleted the story for whatever reason.  Interpret that however you'd like to.

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