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UFC on Versus 2 Results: Takanori Gomi Blasts Tyson Griffin

Takanorigomi_mediumI guess The Fireball Kid is back. In a big Lightweight matchup and a spectacular way to open the show, Takanori Gomi knocked out Tyson Griffin with a big right hand. After an early feeling out process in which neither fighter was getting off much with their hands, Gomi caught Griffin big with a counter punch in an exchange and Tyson went totally limp. After a few more punches went unanswered referee Jason Herzog called the fight.

This was a really impressive knockout for Gomi, who was possibly fighting for his job and definitely fighting to maintain relevancy in the Lightweight division. There is no question now; he'll keep his job and should get another top opponent in his next fight. This is the Gomi that Dana White was thinking of when he made the signing in the first place.

Tyson Griffin now falls to 0-2 in his last two fights after thinking that he was close to a title shot. Kenny Florian commented on his twitter that Griffin "played right into Gomi's hands" with his strategy and now a lot of questions linger regarding what's next for Tyson. After the stoppage Griffin tried to protest and say that he wasn't out but it was clear that Herzog did a really good job. As Tyson was standing to protest his legs were barely underneath him.

What a way to open the night!

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