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Brock Lesnar’s UFC 116 victory caps off a remarkable resurrection of fortunes for his mouthpiece Paul Heyman.

Paul Heyman, thanks to his best friend and meal ticket Brock Lesnar, is back on top of the sports entertainment mountain.
Paul Heyman, thanks to his best friend and meal ticket Brock Lesnar, is back on top of the sports entertainment mountain.

Cast your minds back to December 4th 2006, the day Paul Heyman was fired from WWE by Vince McMahon.  His ECW legacy was in tatters.  He had just become the script writer responsible for booking the least successful WWE PPV in history - ECW December To Dismember, which drew only 90000 buys worldwide and was a show so bad that fan services and DirecTV were flooded with complaints afterwards.  Burnt out and miserable, Heyman butted heads with Vince for the final time on that day, where he stubbornly refused to take any blame for the infamously bad show and he verbally agreed to part ways the company.

Now it's time for Vince McMahon to get his receipt from Paul Heyman.  Even before Brock's victory, Heyman made sure to take the opportunity to point out to pro wrestling mark turned MMA interviewer Ariel Helwani that Dana White was kicking Vince's ass on PPV:

...these guys HAVE THEIR SHIT TOGETHER.  I mean, think of it this way: last year, UFC sold more PPVs domestically in the United States than the entire professional wrestling industry did on a worldwide basis.  We're just talking domestic against the pro wrestling industry worldwide and these guys sold more PPVs domestically than wrestling worldwide.  C'mon.

Buoyed by the adrenaline of seeing his best friend and meal ticket come back from the scariest moments of Heyman's life to choke Shane Carwin out, Heyman was even more cocksure after the fight in his final words with Helwani: 

Err, I think it means a lot to his friends and the wrestling fraternity I think they need to get their shit together on their own.  If they want to ride Brock Lesnar's coattails then they need to get their own house in order because Brock Lesnar has got his house in order.

And his final words to Danny Acosta of Fight! Magazine:

Which fans are we talking about? Are we talking about wrestling fans or are we talking about UFC fans? Well, it seems all the wrestling fans are coming over to the UFC, so and with Brock Lesnar here, who can really blame them?

These words may have also been a not so subtle message to his suitor Dixie Carter, "give me absolutely everything that I want and I'll use the Midas touch I used on Brock Lesnar to turn your company around".  As Dave Meltzer reiterated on the July 2nd Observer Radio show, TNA are still desperately craving for him to come in:

They want it a Victory Road real real bad.  Now Paul has not agreed to the deal right now....  I mean basically they expect Paul, they want Paul, their willing to give him a lot.  Something happened in the last couple of weeks that really changed their tune.  They are in erm, I don't want to say their in critical condition, but their condition has worsened and they need a saviour and he's the only saviour that anyone can come up with.  And again they expect Paul coming, Paul has not agreed to come yet, that's the situation with that, but they've expected him to come for a long time, because he's not doing anything else in wrestling and think eventually he's going to come.