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Every dime you take, every lie you make, every vow you break, Linda McMahon will be watching you Dick Blumenthal

Dick Blumenthal is unlikely to be amused by Linda McMahon's mudraking tactics.
Dick Blumenthal is unlikely to be amused by Linda McMahon's mudraking tactics.

So to what lengths will Linda McMahon go to continue to paint Dick Blumenthal to be an even bigger lying carny than she is?  Apparently the answer is stalking him, as she has recently unveiled an attack ad where her team followed Blumenthal all the way to a PAC fundraiser in Vancouver a couple of weeks ago and filmed him there, to imply that he's broken an earlier vow to avoid accepting campaign contributions from Political Action Committees: 








Mr. Blumenthal Goes to Canada (via LindaMcMahon2010)

So once again Blumenthal has been forced on the backfoot by McMahon's mudraking and had to make another robust defense of his integrity in comments to News8's Hartford Newsroom: 

"I never have said that, I wouldn't take PAC money and I'm not going to fight this race against a $50 million campaign with one hand tied behind my back," said Richard Blumenthal Democratic Candidate for U.S. Senate.

He is also seen in the McMahon web ad in a interview last January on MSNBC saying he has never accepted contributions from Political Action Committees. Blumenthal says he felt it was wrong to accept it when running for Attorney General, but that he has no choice now.

For their part, the Connecticut media has largely been sympathetic to Blumenthal's plight with Ted Mann of The Day poking fun at Linda's stalking and Chris Powell of the Journal Inquirer going so far to ask "Is anything beyond decency for McMahon?".

The Democrats may not be stalking Linda yet, but they're already trawling through hours of WWE footage to find past storylines to embarrass her with.  Mothers Opposing McMahon, which Dave Meltzer claims is a cover group for the Democratic State Central Committee, has already posted two videos highlighting past WWE angles that were in poor taste like Trish Stratus being forced to bark like a dog and strip by Vince McMahon, Three Minute Warning interrupting Hot Lesbian Action and Eugene being beaten up by the McMahons:

Sex, Violence, and Abusive Treatment of Women In Linda McMahon's WWE - Mothers Opposing McMahon (via CTDEMS)

Character With Developmental Disabilities Beaten, Humiliated, Verbally Abused (via CTDEMS)

In response, Linda McMahon has fired back with a cheesy ad of her own, where two women driving can look past the fact that professional wrestling is not their cup of tea to vote for her to shake things up in Washington: 

Cup Of Tea (Linda McMahon TV Ad) (via LindaMcMahon2010)

I think Dave Meltzer summed up what this all means nicely on his message board yesterday: 

It's going to be one of the nastiest races of the year. Both sides are spending lots to dig up dirt on the other. Neither side better than the other. But when you initiate digging up the dirt, you can't complain when the wind blows it back in your face.

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