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[Spoilers] - The Undertaker won't be facing Kane at SummerSlam

Your SummerSlam Smackdown main event - Kane vs. Rey Mysterio.
Your SummerSlam Smackdown main event - Kane vs. Rey Mysterio.

After Kane won the Smackdown Money In The Bank match and cashed in the briefcase later that night to screw Rey Mysterio out of the World Heavyweight Title, I predicted that The Undertaker was rushing back early from his broken orbital bone injury to face his on screen brother for the title at SummerSlam.  I wasn't the only one, as Dave Meltzer made the same educated guess on his July 19th Wrestling Observer Radio show.  Jason Powell expected that too.  It turns out that all of us were wrong, as Rey Mysterio beat Jack Swagger in a best of three falls match at last night's Smackdown TV taping to earn the SummerSlam title shot against Kane.

Our collective confusion was partly caused by the SummerSlam commercial that aired during the Money In The Bank PPV, which featured The Undertaker and suggested that he would be in the Smackdown main event of the show.  This wasn't the original commercial, which pushed Triple H's return and had to be retaped when he suffered a torn biceps.  Presumably, WWE didn't realise that The Undertaker might not be fully healed in time for the show until after they retaped the commercial and it was too late to retape it again.  There's also the slim chance that The Undertaker will face someone else at SummerSlam and that the storyline payoff will be a swerve to the teased swerve, i.e. that Kane actually was telling the truth all along and someone else did indeed leave The Undertaker in a vegetative state, but that seems unlikely at this point.

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