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John Cena should let the fans see more of the real him

For five long years now John Cena has remarkably been the top babyface of WWE.  Rightly so, because he's beloved by women and kids everywhere.  However, despite his in ring working ability improving leaps and bounds over the years, he's never fully shaken off the smark backlash to his 2005 megapush, partly caused in my opinion by certain opponents of his, such as Kurt Angle and Triple H, being more concerned with popping the crowd, making themselves and stealing his spot, than properly putting him over.  Still, many adult male fans view him as an obnoxious phony poser, an image WWE unfortunately abets by scripting him to say so much annoying, snarky comedy.  Though Cena often doesn't help himself either, by continuing his over the top charades via Twitter and coming across as a complete carny shill in many media interviews.  Maybe he could finally shake off that backlash for good, if he allowed fans to see more of the real him.

I'm going to break kayfabe for a second and reveal a big secret that Cena doesn't want out there, he's actually a humble, private man who goes out of his way for charitable causes and to make sick children's dreams come true.  Cena has now granted wishes for an amazing 178 kids for the Make a Wish Foundation and seems to genuinely treasure his charity work:

Being involved with the Make a Wish Foundation is a blessing itself.  The goal of Make a Wish is to let these kids have one day where they are so excited they have not a care in the world.  And when they see you, they lose track of their normal lives and enjoy themselves for a day with no worries.

He gave similar candid thoughts in another piece about him meeting two ill fans last Sunday before the Money In The Bank PPV:

"The kids who ask for you, they really want to see you," said Cena, who is also promoting a personally designed coffee cup with proceeds going to Make-a-Wish. "They want to be involved with the product, and I love what I do. ... It makes the experience wonderful for the kids and me.

Dave Meltzer, when discussing this story yesterday, confirmed that the real John Cena is actually a lot nicer than his public persona often allows him to be:

Want to mention two things about this.  First, the vast vast majority of the work Cena does is without any publicity and I can tell you as a fact he doesn't want publicity.  There are things I could say that would give you a very favorable opinion of Cena and he doesn't want them out, but he is not someone who does this for pub.  My feeling is if it was up to him, even this wouldn't get out.  However, there is a reason some of his work does get out and some people understand why, but just saying it is not his call, at least when it comes to instances I'm aware of.

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