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Quinton "Rampage" Jackson Brings UFC Star Power to RAW

Rampage Jackson,Ted Dibiase -Backstage WWE RAW 6/7/10 (via Surfyisback)

Rampage Jackson joined the cast of the A-Team as the celebrity guests on tonight's episode of RAW.  Normally these guest hosts are straight bad. Here, it was a good fit: Rampage is a horrible actor, so the horrible material given to him by the WWE creative team was right up his ally.  At least, it seemed, Jackson was having a good time. His gimmick in MMA, including wearing his big chain and howling like a dog, are straight up tributes to his childhood idol the Junkyard Dog. In his first match, Jackson already had better workrate than the late Sylvester Ritter, doing a picture perfect spinebuster and a solid chokeslam.  If he continues to be unhappy in the UFC, maybe the WWE ring will be a nice second home?

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