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TNA's chaos continues - Management misses tapings, Hogan's banged up again and Ed Ferrara leaves

Jason Powell is reporting that Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, Jason Hervey and Dixie Carter all missed Tuesday's TNA Impact TV tapings.

At least Hogan had a good reason to miss the tapings - his back is banged up again and he is having yet another back surgery later this week, less than two months after his last one.  I suppose that's what inevitably happens when you do physical angles with Abyss on such a recently operated on back.  At this point, it's not a smart idea for TNA to bank on Hogan being able to wrestle on their traditional biggest PPV of the year Bound For Glory in October.  If he can't shoot angles without damaging his back, then what's the hope of him getting through a whole match with Abyss unscathed?  That said, he does need the cash, so he may feel the need to gut it out and justify his salary.

But what's Dixie's excuse?  According to Jason Powell, she doesn't always attend the second taping, but can you imagine Vince McMahon doing that - regularly missing TV tapings for no particular reason?  If she isn't willing to attend every taping, then maybe she should take Paul Heyman up on his offer and give complete power to someone who'd be more dedicated and experienced than her.

Bischoff's excuse was flimsy too.  He wasn't there, because he's hosting an annual Fourth of July event at his home in Wyoming.  He's also going to miss the next set of tapings too.  Sounds like his interest in the TNA project is waning.  Hervey's too, as his priority was working on another television show produced by Bischoff Hervey Entertainment.

Finally, Ed Ferrara has left the company.  Without further information I wouldn't read too much into it, as Ferrara's return to the company in September 2009 seemed more to be a favour to the burnt out, shortstaffed, Vince Russo, than a burning desire to return to the wrestling business long term.  But maybe he's the first rat to leave voluntarily or even be pushed out of the sinking ship?

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