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The war of words between Martha Hart and Jerry McDevitt continues to escalate

Martha Hart doesn't want to hear Linda McMahon's politically correct saccharine sweet sympathy.
Martha Hart doesn't want to hear Linda McMahon's politically correct saccharine sweet sympathy.

The latest tit for tat exchange between Martha Hart and Jerry McDevitt was prompted by Martha's reaction to Linda McMahon's interview on Sunday with Dennis House for Face The State.  Carny Linda, following in the footsteps of her husband Vince's appearance on Off The Record in the immediate aftermath of Owen's death, made sure to lace her burial of Martha with some saccharine sweet sympathy: 

The accident with Owen Hart happened eleven years ago. It was a devastating accident that Owen Hart lost his life and for Vince and I and the WWE and fans of the WWE our hearts and souls went out to Martha and her two young children. It was our desire to make sure Martha and their children were cared for for the rest of their lives. This particular suit is a copyright issue, a contract issue that the WWE will be dealing with.

Before insinuating that Martha's suit was politically motivated: 

It was in Hartford today, the suit was filed in Hartford, the press conference was in Hartford, the WWE located in Stamford.  The timing is what it is, we’ll see.

Unsurprisingly, Martha was quick to pour scorn on Linda's apparent concern for her family:

I find Linda McMahon's comments duplicitous and insulting. It is important to set the record straight: Linda McMahon was in charge for the majority of the unfair and deceptive practices that are at the heart of this lawsuit.

Furthermore, Linda McMahon's expressed desire to take care of me and my family was demonstrated in a rather odd manner, because she and Vince McMahon directed the WWE to sue me because I had the nerve to pursue a wrongful death claim following Owen's death, which was the result of the reckless stunt orchestrated by the McMahons and the World Wrestling Federation. Linda McMahon aspires to be a compassionate leader. So let's see Linda demonstrate some compassionate leadership and encourage her husband and WWE to do the right thing.

I'd add that it's also odd that the McMahons apparently decided to withhold royalties from Owen Hart's bereaved family for 11 years, if their desire to look after them for the rest of their lives was genuine.

Linda's, sorry I mean WWE's, legal pitbull Jerry McDevitt inevitably fired back and even had the gall, given his recent bout of amnesia over Linda McMahon's infamous memo to Pat Patterson about George Zahorian, to accuse Martha Hart of twisting the truth:

Not true, McDevitt said this afternoon. WWE didn't sue her because she brought the wrongful death claim, he said. It did, however, petition a court in Connecticut to hear the claim, instead of the Missouri court where Hart had filed her lawsuit, which was settled before going to trial.

McDevitt objects to the insinuation that WWE coldly sought to deny Hart and her children compensation. In fact, he said, immediately after the accident the company offered to settle "out of humanitarian reasons...[WWE] loved the guy and didn't want to see any harm come to [Hart's] family.''

McDevitt denounced Hart's comments as "pejorative nonsense" and said her current lawsuit is nothing more than "a personal attack" on Republican U.S. Senate candidate Linda McMahon.

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