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Paul Heyman update: Dixie Carter craves him more than ever, but he's holding out for the Dana White position

Will Dixie Carter ever be desperate enough to give into Paul Heyman's audacious demands?  (Wikimedia Commons)
Will Dixie Carter ever be desperate enough to give into Paul Heyman's audacious demands? (Wikimedia Commons)

On April 24th we reported that Paul Heyman was being heavily courted by TNA for an ECW invasion angle, that just started at their last PPV with the debut of Tommy Dreamer, and a spot on their creative team.  Well, not much has changed.  On his June 26th Observer Radio show, Dave Meltzer confirmed that Dixie Carter is still courting her man, but he's still holding out for a better deal, namely the same autonomy and power that Dana White has running UFC for the Fertitta brothers:

Dave Meltzer:  They, as in Dixie Carter, they are desperate for Paul Heyman to come in now.  I mean it's like more than ever before.  You know they've been talking on and off for months, they're offering him head of creative, Russo will step out of creative - course that offer's been around for awhile, but they're pushing that and you know Heyman's obviously pushing for, he wants to be Dana White, which is "you give me the ball, I am in charge, not just of creative but of the company", now whether they'll let him do that I don't know.

Bryan Alvarez:  Yeah, but he can't possibly be stupid enough if they told him they'd give him that to actually believe it.

Dave Meltzer:  Well I mean Dana White has it.

Bryan Alvarez:  Yeah, but I'm talking TNA though, this is two completely different companies.

Dave Meltzer:  I know, but that what he wants, he wants to be Dana White.

Bryan Alvarez:  Well I mean that's fine, but if Dixie Carter...

Dave Meltzer:  Including points in the company.

Bryan Alvarez:  Well, but Jesus, so he'd owe them money on a regular basis. 

Dave Meltzer:  Hahahahaha.

Bryan Alvarez:  If Dixie Carter tells Paul Heyman I'm giving you full complete power and that guy actually believes that, then he's not quite as smart as I give him credit for being.  I don't believe it!

Dave Meltzer:  I know that he wishes they'd sign Jim Ross, so at least he'd have someone competent to work with, but that didn't happen either.

The discussion continued, but mainly focused on speculation - whether Heyman will come in, why TNA are shooting the ECW invasion angle without him, was Heyman originally supposed to be their big secret that TNA tweeted about before the Slammiversary PPV and what Heyman would do if he does eventually come in.

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