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John Cena and fake William Regal get into Twitter argument over fake punches

Update: The Regal Twitter account is a fake, though it's not clear if Cena was aware of that fact.

William Regal, perhaps a tad bitter over his latest TV role being programmed against Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov, took out some that frustration towards WWE's top attraction John Cena.  Regal to Cena (all misspellings and internet slang sic):

Cena u'll never been over with the real wrestling fans because the can see you offence of pucnhes looks like crap.

 Cena, in response:

real wrestling fans...funny. like all those who watch aren't fans. I love the stuff u come up with. Its funny [...] so is the false sense of entitlement you feel you have. Makes me smile


the kids dont know any better but every1 over the age of 12 can see ur sloppy in the ring ur punches look unrealistic [...] plus the STFU harldy touches the other wrestler so how are we meant to believe hes taping out


u are more than entitled to your opinion. Your pseudoentitlement comes when u think your opinion is worth more than someone elses


as a wrestling fan watch wrestling at least expecting it to look realistic. ur poor co-ordination fake punches makes a mockery of it [...] but i dont suppose you care because ur laughing to the bank when ur huge royalty cheque come in every month

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer has said in the past that WWE wants wrestlers tweeting in storyline, so it's possible, perhaps even probable, that this is all one giant work.  Then again, I can't imagine that WWE will have William Regal working Raw main events with John Cena anytime soon, so unless it's something Regal and Cena threw together to work the internet, I'm not sure the point.  Maybe it's to get Regal some Twitter followers?  Dude has only 192 followers despite being on TV (well, WGN) every week!  If you have Twitter, do Regal a favor and follow the poor guy.

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