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UFC's Fertitta brothers are not above using illegal tactics to thwart union formation

Dana White is not the only UFC owner to share much in common with Vince McMahon.
Dana White is not the only UFC owner to share much in common with Vince McMahon.

U.S. Government Issues Massive Labor Law Complaint Against Station Casinos: 

The U.S. government’s National Labor Relations Board has issued a massive complaint against Station Casinos charging the Las Vegas gaming company with allegedly violating federal labor law at all ten of its large local resort casinos. Not only is the 127-count federal indictment the largest single complaint ever issued against a Nevada gaming company by the federal labor board, the complaint shows Latinos are overwhelmingly the subjects of the company’s alleged illegal activities. Roughly 86 percent of the charges involve Latino workers.

“Workers at Station Casinos are standing up to join the Culinary and Bartenders unions because they want a better life for themselves and their families,” said Culinary Union President Geoconda Arguello-Kline. “The company has responded not only with an aggressive anti-union campaign resulting in the government issuing a massive labor law complaint, but with an attack that is falling overwhelmingly on Latino workers.”

The federal government’s complaint alleges that, from February 19 through April 7, Station managers broke federal labor laws 127 times. The complaint charges Station Casinos with engaging in a host of illegal activities against workers seeking to exercise their right to form a union, including the use of threats, intimidation, interrogation, surveillance, bribery, discouragement, discrimination, discipline and physical assault. No other Las Vegas gaming company has racked up so many federal government charges in such a short amount of time.

“The company has said over and over again that it will respect our right if we decide we want a union,” said Delmi Aldana, a Cook at Fiesta Rancho. “Actions speak a lot louder than words. We work hard. We take care of the customers and we are just trying to take care of ourselves and our families. We should not have to face threats, intimidation, harassment and retaliation at work for exercising our rights and we should not be targeted.”

Jonathan Snowden suggests that this federal indictment may quell any remaining thoughts of UFC fighters forming a union.

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