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TNA soon to have FOUR straight hours of first run programming on Thursday nights on Spike TV!

So sayeth Dave Meltzer on the premium part of his website.  In the umpteenth schedule change by Spike TV and TNA of the year, TNA Reaction, which was supposed to air the hour before Impact at 8 p.m. starting from June 24th, is now going to air after Impact at 11 p.m. starting from July 15th.  Reaction's time slot change was necessary, as Spike TV and TNA's plan is to eventually air Xplosion, TNA's currently inconsequential B show taped for international markets like Canada, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and the UK, in the 8 p.m. time slot before Impact.  The good news is that Spike TV should be paying TNA increased rights fees for the extra programming, covering some of the cost of expanding their talent payroll so much this year.  However, the bad news is that even the most ardent TNA fan will find it difficult to watch four straight hours of their programming, suggesting that Xplosion and Reaction won't draw great ratings and airing them as the same day as Impact may even hurt their flagship show's rating slightly.

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