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More TNA turmoil - Roxxi, Scott Hall and Sean Waltman fired, ODB quits, major storyline seemingly sped up

The only thing surprising about Scott Hall's TNA firing is that it took so long to come.  (Wikimedia Commons)
The only thing surprising about Scott Hall's TNA firing is that it took so long to come. (Wikimedia Commons)

Tons of turmoil has gone down over the last few days at TNA.  Here's a round up: 

TNA Knockout Roxxi turned up at the Slammiversary PPV to find out that her match with TNA Knockouts champion Madison Rayne had become a career vs. title match, that she was losing and was being fired by the company again.  I know TNA needs to cut costs, so they couldn't keep her on board if they had no plans for her, but how they handled her firing makes the company look like real assholes.  But I suppose her genuine tears and sadness made for good TV and that's all that matters to TNA's bookers and script writers!  They should be ashamed of themselves.

Yesterday, news broke that both Scott Hall and Sean Waltman have been officially let go by TNA too, after management presumably became fed up of the constant headaches of using the unreliable pair.  As covered here on Cageside Seats when the story broke, Hall has ongoing legal troubles after being arrested for disorderly intoxication and resisting an officer at a Florida bar.  Meanwhile, Waltman is currently suffering from Hepatitis C, which led to him having to no-show TNA's Lockdown PPV in St. Louis after the state of Missouri refused to license him to wrestle.

This happened on the same day that ODB announced over Twitter that she had decided to quit TNA, following in the footsteps of Awesome Kong and Tara to become the third TNA Knockout this year to part ways with the company, probably for similar reasons of being unhappy about pay and also how she was being used by the company.

The big news from this week's TNA Impact tapings was that TNA has already decided to turn Abyss heel and start his feud with Hulk Hogan, which seems sooner than planned unless TNA are planning a really long build to their match, given that the original plan was for Hogan to stay out of the ring until October's Bound For Glory PPV.

Finally, there's no word on Dixie Carter's latest cunning plan to change TNA forever, though Wade Keller of the Pro Wrestling Torch has been able to rule out most of the obvious suggestions through his TNA sources:

I was able rule out many things through a top-level TNA source. It's not related to a name-change, a change in the PPV format or schedule, a change to the ring, a change in Impact's location, Eric Bischoff being promoted to a full time office role, a wrestlers' union, or new ownership or investors, Spike TV specials being added, Jim Ross being hired, Paul Heyman being hired, going 3D with programming, or a booking change. In fact, I'm told it's bigger than a booking change.

Heck, I even wondered if TNA was switching to a zero-gravity format, or hot-air balloon matches, or all mud-wrestling or all-nude wrestling. All were shot down. So I'm out of ideas that would "change TNA from top to bottom" and "change TNA forever." So keep guessing, but at least we've seemingly eliminated all of the obvious guesses. With the track record of "big surprises" in pro wrestling, there is understandable skepticism of this living up to the Twitter hype.

I think Wade hits the nail on the head with that last sentence.

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