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No, John Cena's not switching to MMA. I'm not sure who thought that he would be, though.

This is kind of random.  MMA Fighting Stances, USA Today's MMA blog, has posted a weird puff piece story about how John Cena will not be following Brock Lesnar's path to a career as a professional fighter.

"No way. I like the WWE badge," the pro wrestling champ said at a launch party here for sponsor Gillette's new Fusion ProGlide shaving system Tuesday night. Cena said he watched his first full UFC event this past weekend "and it just did nothing for me."

But he said he's closely watching the growth of the UFC and mixed martial arts.

"I appreciate what they've done business-wise. They continue to grow. It's very good to watch the progression of that sport because it reminds me of a then-young WWF, the NFL as they matured, the merger between the NBA and the ABA. They are at that juncture where they are still Wild West. They're still in-your face. But they've made the steps they need to do grow."

The "most interesting thing," he added, is where MMA goes next as far as developing new stars and new venues. "You have to understand this is an entity that was pretty much banned from everywhere. Slowly, they've kind of gotten back into circulation."

I'm curious if he actually said "WWF" in the "I appreciate it" quote, because he seems like the last guy to screw that up.

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