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Dixie Carter's latest "nice surprise" - WWE reject Tommy Dreamer.

Just what the doctor ordered TNA - another aging, broken down WWE reject!  (Wikimedia Commons)
Just what the doctor ordered TNA - another aging, broken down WWE reject! (Wikimedia Commons)

Speaking of Twitter, that's still Dixie Carter's favorite means of communicating with the fans.  Five days ago she tweeted the following:  

Got a nice surprise for Slammiversary.

Unfortunately it turned out that her "nice surprise" wasn't all that nice or surprising.  Yes, aging, broken down WWE reject Tommy Dreamer turned up at the PPV to distract Brother Ray and cost him his match with Jesse Neal.  What a surprise, someone debuts in TNA who had recently been released by WWE and was rumored to be heading to the company as soon as he was let go!  A nice surprise would have been TNA convincing Paul Heyman to turn up with him.

Speaking of surprises, Dixie's supposedly got a much bigger one up her sleeve yet to come:

It's 6:30 am. Been up for hours. So excited I can't sleep. TNA's about to change forever. Can't wait to share it w/you, my staff, the talent


Just got off phone w/Spike prez Kevin Kay. He is all in and agrees this will change TNA on every level.


To clarify. I will not be making an announcement about how TNA will change forever. You will just see for yourselves in the coming weeks.

Hopefully this surprise turns out better for Dixie than their last few big surprises that were supposed to change TNA forever.  The phrase grasping at straws come to mind though.

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