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John Cena tweets words of support for Bryan Danielson

Last night, WWE's top babyface star John Cena went out of his way to tweet words of support for recently fired WWE star Bryan Danielson.  Some highlights:

I am very upset to hear about the release of bryan danielson. Social networks were formed so people would have a voice, and an opinon. I know you all have your own, theories and whatnot. I respect that. I have never asked any of you to feel a certaint way about me. But Bryan left a lasting impression on the wwe universe in a very short time, and although it came at my expense, I agree with the majority of you who are caught off guard by this choice. I know I'm not exactly appreciated by all, nor do I care to be, but I believe what I believe. I would like bryan to come back to the wwe. I would like to sign your petition to bring him back. I was taught to stand up for what I beileve in. I tried and failed, so I could use some help. Tell me how to sign and I will. If for nothing else, to at least have a chance to have a match with him after what was done. I know that seems a bit more fair. Give me a chance to have a fair match with him, and give him yet another chance to prove that he does belong with us. Sorry for the long message, I know I am probally way out of line, I am sorry if I have offended anyone. But like me or not That is what Hustle. Loyalty. And most importantly Respect means to me. Enjoy game 5*.

 * For those that don't know, the "game 5" that Cena refers to here was Game 5 of the Lakers/Celtics NBA Finals played last night.

As part of his round the clock coverage of the Danielson Crisis, Dave Meltzer posted his belief that Cena sharing his thoughts via Twitter makes the whole situation a work.  I don't know that I'd go that far, even with Cena being the WWE's top company man.  While I don't think Cena's tweets are the start of a sudden anti-WWE streak from their biggest company man, it could be that the powers-that-be that were forced to fire Danielson over what happened last Monday used Cena to put the word out that they did not agree with the decision to fire him to their most loyal fans, and to let them know that Danielson will be back the moment heat has died down.  That's the proper way to use social media forums like Twitter.  It also has the benefit of making Cena a babyface to the internet crowd that has rallied behind Danielson in the wake of what happened, a crowd that typically does not support Cena.

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