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Daniel Bryan future endeavored?

It was announced on this evening that Bryan Danielson, who competed in WWE as Daniel Bryan, was released from his contract and wished well in his future endeavors.  About two hours before WWE made the announcement, Danielson changed his Twitter user name from @NXTDanielBryan to @BryanDanielson, along with the cryptic note "The winds of change are stirring," echoing a quote from a Wade Barrett promo during the NXT promo challenge.

Dave Meltzer from the Wrestling Observer doesn't seem to know what to believe on this one, but appears to be leaning towards legitimate.  The timing is somewhat suspect, as they made the announcement at approximately 10 PM on a Friday night, guaranteeing that few people would see the news, as Friday night is typically the burying ground for major companies to bury stories they don't want to hear. 

It does seem strange that, after shooting a major angle with Danielson on Monday, and even continuing the angle with Danielson on a Florida Championship Wrestling show on Wednesday, that Danielson would be fired by Friday, and given that through much of NXT's existence, WWE has seemingly been fucking with the entire internet audience about this, so unless there is a damned good reason, it seems almost unfathomable that he would be let go, unless something major unfolded over the past two days that has not yet been revealed to the public.  This will be a story worth keeping an eye on, and hopefully we will have more on this major story this weekend.

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