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[Spoilers] Something mysterious is happening with Drew McIntyre

Tuesday night at the taping of tomorrow night's episode of Smackdown, Drew McIntyre was "fired" and stripped of the Intercontinental Title because he attacked Matt Hardy in some sort of vicious manner.

Today, Dave Meltzer chimed in with an update on

Here's what I know about the Drew McIntyre situation.  Well, we don't know anything.  As of earlier today, creative didn't know.  Several higher ups didn't know.

A wrestler being mysteriously written off TV has of course fueled speculation that he failed a drug test, but so far there's no actual indication as to what's going on.  Officially, if he did fail a drug test, WWE policy says that it has to be announced publicly, but there has been plenty of cynicism about the consistency of the rule's enforcement since it was instituted a two and a half years ago.

Maybe people wouldn't be so cynical about it if the first publicly announced failure didn't go down the way it did.  WWE had announced that all drug test failures would be revealed publicly starting on November 1, 2007.  D.H. Smith, who had just been called up to the main roster, was announced as having failed a test almost immediately after the rule went into effect.  It then came out that he actually failed the test over a month earlier, making it clear that his suspension was delayed so the company would look tougher on drugs.

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