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Dixie Carter and Spike TV shamelessly treat their talent as gullible marks

Jason Powell of PROWRESTLING.NET broke the news on Monday that Dixie Carter told the TNA locker room that it was her call to move Impact back to Thursday nights, not Spike TV's, due to market research TNA had done that showed that their fans wanted the show moved back to Thursdays.  At the time, I was highly sceptical that Dixie's claims were true, as wrestling promotions do have a tendency to willfully disregard market research that is at odds with their own promotional philosophies.  So I decided to keep quiet about it until I could verify the truth or lack thereof to these claims, as it contradicted my common sense initial reporting on the move.

Powell, in the May 8th 2010 Pro Wrestling Torch, went further and said that a Spike TV representative backed up Dixie's claims when someone asked the obvious question about whether poor ratings had anything to do with the move.  The curt retort was "Absolutely not".  Powell didn't really buy that in the Torch, neither did Dave Meltzer in the May 10th Wrestling Observer Newsletter, though neither went as far as saying that Dixie Carter and Spike TV shamelessly lied to their talent, but that's clearly the case.  Meltzer gave a fitting boxing/MMA analogy on what happened: 

After the 4/26 episode of Impact did a 0.50 record, its all-time record low, Spike TV was the proverbial corner men who threw in the towel on a pulverized fighter who had no chance of coming back and turning things around.

You can now safely add lying to their talent and treating them as gullible marks, to the long and sadly growing list of WCW mistakes that TNA are copying.

On a related side note, here's an amusing and insightful spoof email from TNA's market research company that Wade Keller came up with.

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